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Dogs, Cats and Horses and especially their health and well-being are our day to day passion and life, we do not even think of it as work and we really do care.

Founded by 2 vets with 1 mission: Create happy, healthy pets

Simply Pets Online (T/A PetStoreo) was started by myself Paul and partner Sarah, we are both vets with over 36 years’ experience of small animal and equine practice (with some cows and sheep thrown in) between us.

During this time we have just about seen everything we can think of, from dealing with Polar Bear Cubs did you know a new polar bear weighs just 20 ozs and if a male it could grow to 1200 lbs!  This is why Polar Bear milk is one of the richest milks in the world! We have operated on and cared for dogs, cats, sheep cows, horses, zebras, sea lions, orang-utans among many others. Yet we remain as committed today as when we both first qualified to the care and wellbeing of all the pets in our clinics and those using our products worldwide.

In 2009 we set up two new unique veterinary practices Simply Cats and Simply Horses. Treating Cats and Horses only on top of a small animal only practice we owned.

Very much like our front line vet clinics on the retail side of our business we believe that a concentrated focus of practical skills and expertise into a small target range of products is the best way to deliver high service levels to customers and pets alike.

Combining a web site with a blog we have set up a small, unique spot on the web "PetStoreo" ( formerly Simply Pets Online), curating wonderful pet stories and offering a collection of premium pet health products and accessories plus advice on all aspects of Pet health care. All of the items we have personally endorsed and used either individually or in our practices.

For many years we have been asked by clients and friends for our honest opinion based on extensive experience as to the value and usefulness of various pet accessories. Both in the pet’s health field eg dog nail clippers, joint supplements, feeding bowls and the general pet add-ons area such as car seat covers, toys etc. So we finally decided to produce a range of our own products  we strongly recommend. Each individual item has been used either individually or / and in our clinics. If Gordon / Chef Ramsey can do it for cooking then we can do it for Pet Health and Wellbeing.

This means that any products we design have to be the best they possibly can be as our reputation is very very valuable and hard won over a long period in front line veterinary practice.

Every item we sell comes with full instructions and in many cases unique video footage to cover most situations that we have experienced when using the products over the years to try and guide you.

With over 30 years doing this we have made most of the mistakes and seen or heard of most of the things that can go wrong. So hopefully we can stop you making the same errors and play a part in keeping your pets healthy, well and able to live a long and happy life.

Fundamental to our way of thinking is that every pet lives a life to its full potential, and becomes a simply happy healthy pet.


  1. All our products are the best they can be, for a very important customer your PET.
  2. All our products will work as described, no HYPE, No half truths.
  3. They all come with the most important factor you cannot buy our own reputation as honest, ethical veterinarians.
  4. All the items have a lifetime guarantee and no hassle return policy.


Beautiful, practical, meaningful stuff to help enrich your pets life!


Paul and Sarah

Dr P Proctor BVSc (hons) MRCVS & Dr S Middleton BVSc MRCVS GPCert (FelP)

Co-founders: PetStoreo