Brand Ambassador Program

Are you interested in being a Brand Rep for Petstoreo?

Watch the video below and then contact us on the contact page

We have an amazing team at Petstoreo and would love to have you come along and join us, to tell your own story and help others.Our Brand Rep program is a tiered system consisting of Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps.

Brand Enthusiast:

The Brand Enthusiast is our shortest term, going for only a month, that can be joined any time throughout the year. We require that our Enthusiasts post to Instagram 5 times over that month. Your photos can consist of lifestyle images of pets using our products and/or creative images of the products.

As a Brand Enthusiast, you get a great discount on Petstoreo products. After the month is up, and if you would like to continue with us, then you will have the opportunity to apply for our Brand Rep team.

You will learn more about this after completeing your first month as a Brand Enthusiast (BE).